Paying for people to “like” you w/ Social Rank.

We’re often asked “how can I get more likes for my app in Google or the Apple App store?” And our answer is; “…effective marketing, communicating with your base, asking for your fans to like you…” and the response to that is usually; “…that’s it?!?!”

Well that’s not exactly it and the more a client searches they’ll usually wind up on “paid likes”.

What’s a Paid Like?

As simple as it sounds, paying a third party to like your Facebook page, Google Play App, Apple Store App, TicTok, Instagram. Like, like, like, like….with the goal to be….?? Really, why pay for a like? It doesn’t help you.

Why Paid Likes don’t help.

What’s a “Like” in the 1st place?

When you like a page on a service like Facebook or the Apple App Store  you are indicating to the platform that the subject matter is something that appeals to you and a category you may want to receive more information about. In the case of Facebook suggestion for similar pages in the area, interest or genre may start to show up in your feeds or ads and promotional material related to the page. A “Like” is a way to say to the platform you’d like to receive more information from the thing you liked and similar content.

That’s simple, so what’s the problem of buying likes?

  1. You’re not building a base.
  2. You’re advertising to air.
  3. You’re loosing out on like-mind fans.
  4. You’re confusing the platform, they’re not suggesting good prospects.
  5. You’re lying to your mission plan.

I like the way it looks to investors and ad sales. I’m going to buy Likes.

Sure, it looks great on a social media post or email to investors to say; “….we’re up 5,000 likes in a week!..” sounds great to say it out loud, but it’s all fake. Even worse, it’s not that hard to figure out when 200 of those new fans have names you can barely pronounce and you analytics say that for all those likes less than 2% installed the app or kept the app longer than 20 minutes…

For those that won’t listen and just have to find out for themselves I’ve provided a link to Social Rank Pro on Facebook – – to get more information and to see for themselves.


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